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Married at First Sight star Airris Williams has revealed his new wife, Jasmine Secrest, wasn't his type and he was missing a physical attraction to her after. .
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  • Jasmine responds to concerning information that she learns from Airris in this.
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    Dirty teeth equal bad breath, bad breath is a hygiene issue.

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    " In a clip exclusive to Newsweek, his family members are unhappy about his.

  • Airris also confessed that he checked out of their marriage.
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  • Jan 11, 2023 · 'Married at First Sight' : Airris Is Torn About Marrying Jasmine After His Cousin Warns 'This Is Not a Game' Airris' family expressed doubt about him going through with the experiment in the.
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    Nope he would be lying, He had seen her and her teeth at the beginning of the honeymoon.